Senior Fitness Test


An important message to adults in the 60+ age group: You’re active! You’re busy! You’re fully engaged in leading your life. But do you really know what’s going on with your body under the surface? If you were truly put to the test, do you know how you would stack up with your peers of the same sex and age in the areas of:

  • Strength?
  • Flexibility?
  • Endurance?
  • Agility and Balance?


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The Senior Fitness Test will tell you! In fact, you may be surprised to find components of fitness that you can improve now while you have such motivation and energy. This work is a “health ensurance policy” and you will reap the rewards with each passing decade!


The Senior Fitness Test was developed by Dr. Roberta E. Rikli and Dr. C. Jessie Jones at the Ruby Gerontology Center at California State University, Fullerton. Your test results are compared to performance standards based upon scores of over 7,000 men and women, ages 60-94. You will participate in these simple tests: chair stand test, arm curl test, two-minute step test, chair sit-and-reach test, back scratch test, and the eight-foot up-and-go test. In addition, we will calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), which measures the ratio of weight to height. A healthy BMI, along with strong muscles, will keep you dancing!



You will receive a written report of your results. Wear non-slip soled shoes (tennis shoes) and comfortable clothing on the day of your test. Please contact us for further information and to register for this important and enlightening test!












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