Strong Feet Are Basic For Balance


When our feet are planted on the ground and our body sways above them, the muscles of the toes, feet, and ankles do a surprising amount of work to control the rest of the body. These muscles are also required when we shift from foot to foot, stand with a very narrow base of support (feet close together), and work in many other ways to keep our balance.


We often think of strengthening our backs, abdominals, arms, and legs when we work out, but what about the muscles of the feet? These muscles are often neglected when, in reality, they are vitally important to our balance and functioning.


So here are some exercises commonly used to strengthen the toes, foot, and ankle: Strengthening Exercises for the Feet

Note: These exercises may not be appropriate for every person. They should be used under supervision of your health professional if you are being treated for any medical condition. Otherwise, proceed within your own limitations and judgment.


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