Genova Diagnostics Tests – Arthritis

“Arthritis is a condition in which one or more joints are inflamed. There are many different forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, the result of an autoimmune process within the joint tissue. Symptoms of arthritis generally include pain, stiffness, and swelling. As arthritis progresses, chronic inflammation may damage cartilage and other soft tissues in the joint. There are several possible underlying causes and contributing factors involved in arthritis.” From Genova Diagnostics website,


Tests from Genova Diagnostics cover the following possible causes of arthritis: (the following are quotes from

  • Digestive Function: Restoring balance to the intestinal microflora has been shown to alleviate many of the symptoms of arthritis.
  • Intestinal Permeability: Arthritis is often secondary to ‘leaky gut’ and the passage of toxins or food particles into the system.
  • Allergies: Immune reactions to certain foods or environmental allergens can result in inflammation in the joints.
  • Oxidative Stress: The oxidative damage caused by free radicals and deficient antioxidants is a pivotal mechanism in the progression of arthritis.
  • Fatty Acids: Essential fatty acids convert to compounds in the body that can either prevent or promote inflammation and arthritis pain.
  • Genetic Predisposition: Individuals with arthritis often have an inherited predisposition to produce excessive inflammatory mediators.


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