Flexible Feet Meet Our Demands

What range of motion is necessary for optimal use of the foot for recreation, walking and other daily activities, balance, and even to assume correct posture?


Some of the most important: 



Moving Feet  C



A: 10 degrees of ankle bend (dorsiflexion) when the knee is bent.

B: 8 degrees of ankle bend (dorsiflexion) when the knee is straight.

C: 90 degrees of bend in the big toe joint.




Man Squatting

If we do something on a regular basis, we are more likely to keep the ability to do it as the years go by. As research as shown with strengthening, loss of flexibility with aging is due more to disuse than the aging process itself. Want to see it with your own eyes? Watch this 84 year old as she dances with her 25 year old partner!



Here are some typical exercises to keep feet flexible: Range of Motion and Stretching of Feet

Note: These exercises may not be appropriate for every person. They should be used under supervision of your health professional if you are being treated for any medical condition. Otherwise, proceed within your own limitations and judgment.








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