Some Underlying Issues Which Can Affect Our Balance And Mobility

  • Foot problems, such as bunions and hammertoes, can compromise muscle function and reduce the surface area of the foot on the floor, thus impairing balance. Proper footwear and foot exercises early enough in life can prevent some of these problems. Even if they do occur, there are treatments that can often help. Effective treatments may include podiatry or stretching and other exercises under the supervision of a physical therapist. Our feet are our foundation as we move through life. Keep them flexible, strong, and balanced and they’ll be our best support!


  • Posture and other structural problemsoften beginning with a forward head, rounded shoulders, or tightness in the ankles, can change the alignment of the whole body, causing the body to compensate in various ways to maintain balance. Awareness of maintaining good posture throughout the day, in conjunction with exercises to stretch or strengthen where necessary, can assure a youthful and healthy posture. Click here for Posture Tidbids.


  • Vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 deficiencies have been associated with impaired balance.  Specific blood tests may discover these deficiencies in the early stages when they can be corrected and the damage to the body has been minimal. In addition, vitamin deficiencies have been associated with the development of the dry form of macular degeneration, which may be averted with long-term adequate nutritional status. Preservation of vision is important for balance! Click here for More on Nutrition.




  • Medications may directly or indirectly compromise balance. For example, any medications that cause drowsiness can affect your balance. Research has shown that taking 5 or more prescription drugs is a risk factor for falling. Medication issues should AWAYS be discussed with your physician, but some health problems may be solved by identifying and correcting their root causes by means other than medications in the early stages.



  • Fatigue may be minimal in midlife, but this is an opportune time to make positive changes, such as improving nutrition and hydration.  Healthy choices in midlife help assure energy, vitality, and an active lifestyle that endures into our latest years. An active lifestyle promotes good balance.






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