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FallProof™ Origins

FallProof™ is a balance and mobility training and fall prevention program for midlife adults and seniors 50 years and up, developed by Debra Rose, Ph.D. at the Center for Successful Aging, Cal State U, Fullerton.


What is FallProof™?

FallProof™ is a structured and progressive fall prevention program that addresses multiple dimensions that affect balance and mobility. It consists of balance and mobility exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises, augmented by a home exercise programIn addition, it provides information regarding environmental hazards and the effect of the individual’s health history on balance and equilibrium.

FallProof™ is scientifically tested and shown to improve balance and mobility and to reduce the risk of falls in individuals who complete the full program.


FallProof™ Program in New York City/Manhattan:  shutterstock_74767288

FallProof™ is a 24-week exercise program offered in NYC in three 8-week series of progressive exercises. Classes meet for one hour twice a week. Group and private classes are available. Pre- and post balance assessments will be given to identify individual needs and demonstrate progress. Class size is kept small to assure individual attention and enable modification of activities to accommodate individual capabilities. Music and fun activities make up portions of each class and add to the intrinsic satisfaction that comes from feeling and seeing progress.


Program benefits include:

  • Improved seated and standing posture
  • Ability to walk with greater agility, confidence, and stability
  • Improved ability to offset external challenges to your balance, such as a sudden stop of the subway car
  • Increased confidence in performing activities of recreation and daily life.




In order to qualify for participation in FallProofgroup classes, the participants must be:  

  • living independently in the community
  • able to stand independently for at least two minutes
  • able to safely and independently walk 200 feet without the use of a cane or other device (approximately one north-south block in Manhattan)
  • free of any unstable medical conditions.

Individual classes are open to everyone.


Group classes are formed throughout the year. In addition, special classes may be added to address the needs of individuals requiring a cane to walk or who need treatment in their homesContact us for the current schedule.


Contact Us to receive a copy of the FallProof™ brochure for clients or professionals.



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