Has science found a “Fountain of Youth”? Can we enjoy life to its fullest at every age:

  • Moving confidently and easily?
  • Participating in activities we love?shutterstock_23159932
  • Traveling, climbing, and hiking?
  • Looking and acting young and vigorous?

In reality, we have found and validated many sparkling sprays in this Fountain of Youth we all seek.


One of those sparkling sprays that has shown an ability to turn back the clock is exercise. Balance training, mobility training, strength training, and flexibility exercises are vitally important for midlife adults and seniors, especially in these modern times when our lifestyles tend to be less physically active.


In the normal process of aging, strength typically declines, flexibility decreases, and balance becomes less secure. Surprisingly this process begins as early as our 30’s. As we enter our active and busy 50’s and 60’s, we may not notice this gradual decline, but by our 70’s and 80’s we may find ourselves growing more sedentary and feeling less confident in our physical abilities.


Stop! Turn back the clock!              shutterstock_88466992


Balance Training/Fall Prevention NOW being offered in NYC/Manhattan:

Cindy Newton, CPT is now offering a comprehensive balance training and fall prevention program in NYC for midlife and senior adults.

(Hint: Valuable information is found in the “midlife” and “senior” links above. Don’t miss out!)



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